Is it possible to use multiple outputs of my UR24C in Windows?


My UR24C has 2 pairs of outputs, but Windows does not give me any option as to which to use - I just can either select UR24C as my output, or something else.

I’d like to be able to switch between what’s connected to the different outputs - is that not possible?

Thanks in advance.

You have to use the ASIO driver for the device to access them

Thanks Steve for the suggestion but it looks like this is already the case:

There is no option that I can see to switch between different outputs:


In device manager both pairs seem to be “available/working”:

Have you downloaded the latest version of TOOLS for UR-C? UR-C Updates and Downloads | Steinberg

The latest v3 upgrade adds support for additional outputs with the new multi-stream driver.

The screenshots indicate that you’re not running the latest version

Thanks @DanielAyo
I have done that and can see multiple outputs now in Windows but no matter which one I choose the signal still goes to the main out.

Confusingly those output devices are called voice, line and DAW. I was expecting something like Master/Line 1/Line 2.
To me “Voice” is something that goes into an input, and DAW is an application.

There also doesn’t seem to be any way of getting audio to Out 2 in the dspfx application

I tried toggling the monitor mode from DAW to DJ but it didn’t seem to make much difference. I also tried playing with the controls on the front of the device but that didn’t make any difference either.

I will re-read the manual, to see if I can make any sense of this.