Is it possible to use roman numerals (or numbers) instead of actual chords?

On input Dorico understands just fine when I use “I” or “V” (or “1” or “5”) for example but can I also choose to display it this way? I’m working on some harmony exercises and I’d like to focus on scale degrees rather than the actual chords.

I see that Dorico is not (yet) smart enough to convert “ii” to “Dm” (converts to “D” in the key of C) but for my purposes it would be enough to allow manual entry.

Check out MusAnalysis. I designed it for RNA. It works best entered as lyrics.

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Very nice. Was hoping there was something more “connected” to the musical engine/understanding but I guess lyrics can function as a work around. Thanks for the tip.

MusAnalysis actually goes far beyond what I was imagining, very cool and definitely picking this up as it has applications outside of my original request.


I think Dan only mentioned lyric text because that is often available in scores where one is doing analysis and one can define its font. Dorico has very limited in-built interpretation of chords.