Is it Possible to Use the Scissors to Split the Top Event Only?

When events are overlapped, is there a way to only split the top event, (without having to open the lanes, find the event, split it, close the lanes again)? I know it’s how the old versions of Cubase used to work… Shouldn’t there be an option, like holding Shift or CTRL?

I wonder if everyone just splits everything at once all the time, or if people really go through the trouble of opening the lanes every time…

Thank you internet


In the Preferences > Editing > Tool Modifiers > Split Tool, there is not defined modifier to split only the top layer. And this option is even not available, so you can’t assign a modifier. I’m afraid this is not possible.

There is a workaround (at least, which is working for me):

When you have 2 overlapping Events, select only the one Event that you wanna have split.
Make sure the Play Cursor is placed at the position where you wanna do the Split.
(you can do this by holding down the keys SHIFT and ALT (Option) while you leftmouse click on the overlapping area, at the time position
where you wanna have the Split)

Now, execute the Keycommand “Split at Cursor” (ofcourse, make sure you have assigned it to a favourite keyshortcut).

Outcome: Only the Event that you had selected is Split and not the other Event.

I hope this workflow works for you and you find it convenient !
Warm Regards.

Thanks for this! I had forgotten about this workaround. Faster than opening lanes, etc. I never thought about the SHIFT & ALT to place the cursor, much faster than my old way of placing the Play Cursor at the top of the screen.