Is it possible to VST effect in real time .I need help,pleas

Hello ,well ,I can use my VST’s on the tracks I,ve recorded ,but what I want to do Is play my guitar hearing my VST sounds on top of it before I record them. The reason I came up with this is, I downloaded a VST guitar tuner and the needle on the tuner doesn,t budge when trying to tune your guitar,but it does when you play back the recording of it,but this is impossible to tune a guitar like this ,I,m sure someone can,t tell me how to set it up correctly ,the cubase version is cubase le 5 ,my audio interface is a TASCAM US 122,CHEERS

Are you possibly inserting the effects on the master out channel instead of the specific track?

Open the insert tab in the inspector for your audio track. Or you can do it from the mixer - click on the “e” edit button for the channel that corresponds to your audio track.

Also, make sure you enable the monitor button on your track and turn the knob on you Tascam all the way to the “computer” side.