Is it possible to zoom or scroll smoothly?

If I hold down shift or control + mouse wheel to scroll or zoom into the project window, it scrolls or zooms in jerky stepped distances. Is there a way to change the resolution of the scroll/zoom steps scroll or zoom more smoothly and precisely?

Aloha U,
and good question.

After trying many diff input devices, I now believe smooth
scrolling/zooming is not at the Cubase end but is at
the device end.

I am looking forward to reading how other users have handled this

Also this could be a platform dependent thang.
It has always seem to me that graphics are ‘snappier’
and handled much better on the PC side
than on the Mac side.


It’s not a very fluent animation on my Windows laptop either, think it’s just Cubase. Even using the mouse to drag the zoom faders in the bottom right corner doesn’t result in smooth zooming.

It doesn’t really bother me though.

For me it’s definitely the scroll wheel of my mouse that’s limiting. If I press and hold the zoom buttons on the keyboard the zooming is fluid on normal sized projects. With lots of multitake stacks the zooming can get jerky beyond 1 sample/pixel though and it always has even after upgrading my system. Maybe the manufacturers put little effort into fine tuning the 2D capabilities of today’s consumer level graphics cards, or maybe I’ve just been unlucky.