Is it really this hard to rip a CD without its being too hot

Hi - SX3 here.

I noticed in the Import Audio CD dialog that it’s really too easy for me to wind up with an audio track in Cubase that is too hot, clipped. I can avoid this by sliding the little volume ramp thingy in the dialog to the left, but how much to slide it is always the question - not enough, and there’s clipping on the audio track in Cubase; too little, and it comes across way too soft. So I sit there and stare at the VU meters on my sound card for every moment while previewing the track, then adjusting the slidy thingy and repeating until it’s “just right”.

I know there’s got to be a better way … how do you guys do it?


Ripping a CD is ripping it as is. So if it´s too hot, then it´s put on the CD too hot and does not have to do anything with Cubase. The little slider does change the preview volume, but not the volume of the ripped audio file.

Thanks for that, thinkingcap. I figured it was me, because the CD had 0dB samples all over it, couldn’t imagine that it would be made on purpose that way. I’ve wisened up in the last few days, I realize now the really talented people ARE allowed to go to 0dB - just not the riff raff like me!