Is it really worth it ?

Im going to try the RND Portico 5033 EQ and 5043 compressor
next mounth. They are probably good. But the price is to high
if you compare with other plugins in the same divison. Im mean
for the price of 711 Euro for the bundle for the EQ and the
compressor I can buy Waves Platinum Native Bundle for 769 Euro
witch is a collection of more than 30 plugins. Or I can
buy all of the Abbey Road Plugins for $620 where they also now
have 50% off for a limited time.

So,if I going to spend that money for plugins Ive got more out of
the box if I choose Waves or Abbey Road. I also get the RTAS included.

So my question is if its really worth it ? And why no RTAS ?


I would recommend you to try the plug-ins. Surely you can buy other stuff that is cheaper. But it depends on the viewpoint. Some people are “collecting” plug-ins, having dozens of them, changing them week by week. Others rely on very few plug-ins, which do the things they’re designed for, pretty well. They work with these plug-ins day by day and won’t use other EQs/Comps, as they want to develop a specific sound over the time. The RND Portico plug-ins are more made for these kind of use cases.


Timo, I would like to use Portico plugin as my standard arsenal BUT with hardware knobs. I own the CC121. Can i dream of them working together?. Otherwise i will sell my cc121. Want to use the EQ with pro plug.

Amen to that!! I have them and I’m glad I have them!

The SSL are also up there $$ but these are VCM BABY!

I would have loved to see a Portico 50XX Channel Strip version of this… Load it once on each insert… oh yeah!

I have the RND Portico and CC121 and the AI knob works with the plug ins…

Hi GIRO, never say never :wink:
Thanks for being interested in the RND Porticos!


Answer is simple - yes, they really are worth it.
RTAS? now you know how we feel when we see so much RTAS/TDM only stuff for PT. :smiley:

My idea of ‘worth it’ involves both functionality and subjective quality, something I believe we all do when assessing any equipment/software.

I downloaded the trial version and set out to compare apples with apples - in this case the stock std Cubase EQ and UAD’s Cambridge.

1)Portico : no low/hi pass cut-off filters (especially weak compared to Cambridge)
2)Portico : unable to invert band-pass filters .i.e less flexible (possible on both Cambridge & Cubase Eq)
3)Portico : no slope control on high pass/low pass (compared to Cambridge)
3) Portico : graphic interaction showing effect of individual bands is really useful and powerful

The audio effect of the filters is probably what everyone would be interested in - to this end I thought a spectrum analysis would make for better discussion, than “it sounds great”…