Is it safe to Remove Older Versions?


I just ugraded from 9.5 to 10, but I also have 9, 8.5, 8, and 7 still appearing in my Windows Control Panel add/remove programs. Is it safe to remove those older versions without messing up my active version?

I would have thought that with the Licenser and all, the install of a new version would remove the older version and its files from the PC.


You can still run those older versions with the C10 license. You can safely remove them (uninstall them) if you don’t plan to use them. Some people like to keep older versions installed just in case they run into a problem with projects saved on older versions loading in the new version BUT you shouldn’t have any problems there. It would be a good idea to check your old projects by loading them in C10 and making sure they are loading and working properly first and then save them as a new version in C10.

Thanks! I never realized that the older versions would work with the current version key. I will definitely keep 9.5 at least on the machine.

Thanks again

I’m wanting to load all of my projects from Elements 7 into Elements 10. Could you please tell me the steps necessary to do that? Thank you for your time.

File -> open

Thank you very much svennilenni! I really do appreciate your help!