Is it safe to uninstall v11 Pro now that I upgraded to v12 Pro?

I succesfully upgraded to v12 Pro yesterday and everything seems to be working fine.

Is it safe to just go and uninstall v11 Pro from my computer (up-to-date Windows 10) and all the user settings, keyboard shortcuts, templates, sound packs, plugin thumbnails, plugin paths, etc. will stay available for v12 Pro? I’ve no idea how “smart” the uninstaller is, as I never did this with Cubase (yet).

Perhaps an important note - I’m basically starting with Cubase (I used Bitwig as my main DAW up to 2 weeks ago), so I don’t have any legacy serious projects I need to carry over, no deadlines (I’m just a hobbyist), etc. But it would be a waste of time if I had to download and set up everything again :slight_smile:

If it was me I’d leave 11 until you are very sure that 12 is stable. I always keep the previous version and the newest version just in case. I’ve had 11 working fine for many months but still have 10.5. When I move up to 12 I’ll keep 11.

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Agree 100%.

Each installation is totally independent from the others. So removing Cubase 11 will not impact Cubase 12 at all.

When you upgrade from a previous version the installer will copy the settings from the currently installed version and use those for the new version. This usually works fine, but when it doesn’t the fix is to manually copy some files from the old installation to the new one. However if you’ve deleted the previous version then those files won’t be around to copy. So at a minimum keep the old version installed until you feel sure everything has properly migrated.

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