Is it supposed to disappear?

Hi, If I import a track with it’s vocal from a project (using the new facility in CP8.5) is it supposed to disappear from the original project? mine just did :confused: :confused:

cheers, Kevin :slight_smile:


No it doesn’t. The original project is not open, and shouldn’t be touched at all.

Oh, well I imported a vocal track from a project and when I went to that project the track was there but the vocal was gone… :confused: :confused:


Do you mean the Audio event? Or the whole file? Can you see the file in Pool?

During the import, did you Copy the source or did you keep it at the old place?

I’ll have to look into that… :confused:

Ok thanks…it was in the pool…gotta learn to be more creative with the tekky bit of Cubase :unamused: :unamused:

Be aware, there is a bug.

If the “Copy To Activate Project Folder” is enabled, you apply it, and reopen this Import Options dialog again (to import again), the “Copy To Activate Project Folder” seems to be enabled (on the GUI level), but it is not, in fact. To enable it, you have to disable and enable it back.

usual crap I s’pose…reckon I’ll just keep away from it from now on and bring stuff in by opening the source project…

thanks… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: got the file as explained in above post… :slight_smile: