Is it true that Cubasis 3 doesn’t support cross fades?

Hi, I’m interested buying Cubasis 3 but I heard that it doesn’t have cross fades. For me cross fade is for sure the first requirement for any editing work. So before I buy it I would like to ask a confirmation of what I heard.

Please let me know, thx

P.S. does it support video preview as well?

Hi Lapsus,

To get a better idea about how Cubasis works, please have a look at our dedicated Getting started with Cubasis clip.

As of yet, the app does not offer dedicated crossfades, but the events themselves offer fade handles to come up with something similar.

To learn more about Cubasis and the available features, please visit the Cubasis website.

Hope that helps.


Hi and thx for the kind reply. Unfortunately I don’t understand how should I overcome the lack of cross fades. Cross fades are primarily used to avoid click noise in between composed tracks, without it there is no escape that I know. Or better, without it I should use two separate tracks and fade in/out each clip which is anachronistic. I didn’t understood sorry, which solution/alternative do you offer to avoid the basic problem of “clicks” when cross fade is not available?
I would like to buy Cubasis 3 but it would be useless if it doesn’t offer a better comp editing feature than GarageBand (which have not cross fades at all). I come from Pro Tools (free), Audition, Ableton, Reaper, I need cross fades very very so much for any editing idea that comes to my mind

Hi Lapsus,

I’d see no issues in regards to clicks when using Cubasis.

Why not give our freely downloadable Cubasis LE version a try beforehand?
Cubasis LE is our compact version of Cubasis, which comes with a reduced feature-set that can be checked in a 30-minute demo mode.

Alongside, did you check out our Getting started with Cubasis mentioned above?


thx I can check it out but unfortunately this is only half of what I truly need during any basic editing. If I guess it right maybe Cubasis3 create a mini cross fade of just a few samples when composing tracks in Cubasis on the same track otherwise it should clicks because the waveforms of the two clips doesn’t match, that is interesting. The problem anyway is that I need to be allowed to manually choose the length of the cross fade due to the nature of the clips: with a micro cross fade of a few samples (which I guess is what Cubasis uses from your description) I can not mask the cut of the two clips, it will not sound natural I will hear a jump from one sound to the other one. In order to do that I seriously need a longer cross fade: is this possible to do in Cubasis 3 on the same track? Please let me know this is mandatory for any of my works.

Thx a lot again,


Hi Lars I’m finally playing with the demo. I have a problem I couldn’t find a solution over internet and tutorials I hope you can help me please.

Is it possible to move a clip up and down in between two track with precision when snap grid is turned off? I need something that locks the movement of the clip (left and right) when I move across or I have no control over it, it’s very very hard. Also I noticed that after I move a clip in “snap grid off mode” if then I turn on the snap grid and I move that clip in another track the clip automatically loose it’s position to accommodate the grid (I loose the synchrony).

Is it possible to move a clip up and down in between two track with precision when snap grid is turned off?

That’s exactly where the grid/snap settings are made for…


Zoom in the arranger to max so you could precisely move events across tracks without losing their horizontal position

But if I work with snap grid turned off, how can I move the clips up and down in between the tracks with precision? I can’t turn on the snap grid (after editing with grid off) or the clips will then move automatically to left or right to accommodate the grid space and I would loose my sync (it’s like a magnetic effect).
I need to know how to work with the snap grid turned off. Any DAW that I know offer the ability to move the clips up and down without loosing the position (without moving it accidentally left or right). Is it possible to do it in Cubasis 3 when snap grids is turned off?
Please let me know it’s very important for me to learn the knowledge of this important mechanism and I have no other resources other than your assistance I hope to do not give pressure but I really surfed the web for specific tutorials and guides with no luck. thx for help <3

Thx but it does not work for me it still cause a lot of trial and errors (I need to undo and try again, and it’s also very very very frustrating and time consuming having to zoom all the way down to move a lot of clips, and across many tracks). There must probably be a function that we does not know yet

In the Piano Roll editor, we move notes up and down (within the same track) by locking their vertical movement using the Move Up/Down button on the left and the notes move only vertically.

However, moving an event across the tracks does not have similar lock buttons.

I zoom in to max, scroll to one end of the event (to observe) and move it across the tracks without any issues and visibly seeing that the event is moved into the same location on the target track. For a better visual cue, position the play head right on the same end of the event so you know to move the event along the playhead across tracks.

If you have several events to move, you can select all of those events using the Select icon in the 2nd toolbar on the top, zoom in and scroll to one end of a selected event (while keeping them selected) and move them across tracks while observing the event is moved to the same location on the target track (other selected tracks will also move exactly to the target track). Position and use playhead on one end of the event for a visual cue (we can use playhead as a visual cue in other apps like LumaFusion, too while moving clips).

Make sure you have Grid Snap mode to off for accuracy.

If you want to move the entire track up/down, tap and hold on the left column in the track (where Mute, Solo icons are there) and the track goes into drag mode. Just drag the entire track up/down.


thx for help HTH I’m very grateful, if it is not too much trouble if you have time could show me this workflow with a small video please? There is a big gap of tutorials and guides to sort those small problems over internet and I’m really struggling too much (I have spent many hours without results). Unfortunately I couldn’t really understood everything you wrote to me a small video would totally helps me very very so much.

For example I sorted the problem I was talking at first post (the cross fading) by myself, using intuition creating fade in and fade out to two clips then overlapping them (I still would like to figure it out how to make it more efficient and fast because the two fades should be identical and it’s not easy to draw them manually with the same lenght). But the problem of moving clips up and down when editing with snap grid off (which is my style of editing) is something causing me a sense of loss considering the huge lacks of detailed guides on the web.

Thx you again very so much

Hi Lapsus,

Normally, the Cubasis in-app help should include descriptions for all available features.

In addition, we have released many Cubasis tutorials which can be found here:

Cubasis 2 Teasers & Tutorials

Cubasis 3 Teasers & Tutorials

Steinberg Mobile Apps YouTube Channel

Alongside, you will find plenty tutorials in the web too…

Hope that helps!


And restricting Event movement to either the vertical or horizontal direction (when grid snap is OFF)…? Is he going to find an answer to that via the in-app help.? Seems a straightforward enough topic/question…