Is it true that you get ALL or at least most of the expansion packs bundled in with groove agent 5?

I’ve checked the website and it seems to be but just wanted to double check. Is it all of the expansions ? Or am I wrong and you still have to make seperate purchases for the expansions like Simon Phillips drums etc

Studio Kit - 24-bit & 16 bit
Vintage Kit
Rock Kit

Thanks. So none of the kits in the linked page below come with the full version ?

Nope, just whatever SE has plus the Groove Agent 5 exclusive kits it comes up with (which aren’t any of the expansions).

There’s a couple others that are SE kits maybe? Raw Power, Laser Beams, The Kit, Percussion, Allen Morgan signature drums… Or maybe these were freebie expansions, can’t remember what’s in SE.

Ah ok cool because I bought a bunch of the expansions last week and then I thought I may as well have just upgraded to 5 if they’re included there, as I’m going to anyway at some point. Good to know I didn’t waste money needlessly. I love groove agent so much and I never thought I’d be saying that a few years back.