Is it true you can't solo a particular drum sound in the drum editor?

Hey folks,

Is it true you can’t solo a particular drum sound in the drum editor?

If so, is there a way to hack it with the logical editor and / or a macro?

Cheers! …J

No, that’s not true. One quick look at the manual confirms that you CAN solo drum instruments in the Drum Editor:

The solo feature in drum rack is pretty limited. You can only solo a single instrument with that method posted above and you can only do it within Drum Rack itself. If you are wanting to solo the sounds in the mixer, it is trickier. What I found works for me is this: I have a drum folder of all the drum instrument sounds that are being fed by the drum rack. You can’t just solo those individually because the whole kit plays, but if you mute the whole folder (minus the drum rack itself) then you can solo the individual sounds (or more than one sound).


Strange that it’s only available when you’re using a drum map.

Very often i would want to solo two sounds (in the drum map) together without having to open up the interface of my sampler (VPS Phalanx).

I’ve got a feeling this must be possible with the logical editor.

Something like:

Select two different midi notes (like C3, G3)
Select all midi notes on those notes
Reverse selection
Mute all selected

Then, to un-solo, i guess:

Select all
Unmute all (not sure if this would work as some [C3, G3] would not be muted)

Any ideas how to actually implement this?


If there isn’t already a MIDI Transformer that you could use as an insert, should be straight forward to make one… something like this seems to work if I understand what you’re after correctly (and you can add or subtract notes if you want obviously). Not quite as convenient as using a Drum map but easier to turn and off maybe.

By the time you created every possible permutation in the logical editor, you minds well just mute all the tracks and unsolo what you want manually.

Which is why much quicker to use a MID insert, then you just select the notes you want to hear.

You misunderstand what i meant!

I meant i’d like to be able to select two (or more) midi notes in the drum editor, then have a one keystroke macro that would select all midi notes on those notes and mute the rest. So it would act like a solo.

It would be great if you could mute all sounds in the drum editor with one keystroke (then unmute the ones you want to solo), but that doesn’t seem possible. If you’re doing a lot of drum programming, it is quite tedious to have to be doing click,click, click, click. click etc. on the mutes, whenever you want to solo two sounds!

The plugin does the same thing but I agree it’s not as convenient as having a solo column that you can click in the drum editor. Though once set up the plugin is easier to switch in and out particularly if you’re soloing several instruments.

Use this command: Edit: Select>Equal Pitch - Same Octave

Hey Steve,

I’m afraid that doesn’t seem to work as it will only select all the same notes on one note, not both.

So if i select C3 & G3, then run that command, it’ll only select all C3s! (if i clicked C3 first).

Then you can use the Logical Editor. You’d have to enter the notes manually though, as the Logical Editor can’t extract values from selected objects. (it can test for certain properties like muted and selected ) Luckily you can select the field in the LE and hit the note on a midi keyboard to populate the field.

It’ll be something like
Value 1 =xx OR
Value 1 = xy

Function> Select

plus a macro with the LE preset and the command you want to do on them.