Is it Wavelab or my computer?

I am running WL 11.2 on my Windows 10 computer. Recently everytime I open WL things are changed. I tell WL to save the current windows as my normal view but the next time I open WL the view is back to the the one that came with WL when I installed it. I also have my ASIO 9624 RME sound card as my audio record and playback device but on Tuesday it was not available in the preference. I had to reinstall the driver and then it showed up. Is there some file that is corrupted or ??? Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions…This all started about two weeks ago.

Anyone have ideas or suggestions?

What has changed? Please give screen snaphshots.

It changes every time. Which do you want screenshots of?

What changes, exactly?

OK so here is what is changing:

Extended toolbar is sometimes there sometimes not.
File Browser reverts to project manager
Size of windows change
ASIO settings

Running Windows 10 Build 19045. All updates installed.
Thanks or any help


What do you call “Extended toolbar” ?

What type of change?

The extended toolbar at the bottom of the editing page. You can extend it with the last arrow on the left of the normal “action” bar.

The ASIO changed from my RME to ASIO4ALL without me changing it.

I had to reset my WL windows today even though when I shut down WL last night they were all in the places I wanted them in. It is like WL is deciding what it wants over what I want or it is not saving the changes even though I tell it to save the changes.


Hmm, a screenshot would help.

Sometimes when I start WL I get this

Sometimes I get this…

Lots of things on WL 11.2 seem to not load they way they are saved. FWIW

Anyone with suggestions or comments???

The setting displayed in your pictures is saved each time you quit WaveLab.
Hence, there are only two possible explanations;

  • you changed the setting but forgot it was changed.
  • the setting file is damaged (for whatever reason); hence restore some default value.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I did not change any settings and it is set for the default setting. It happened again this morning. Some things keep changing like my ASIO settings and my windows. Is there a file I should erase and let WL rebuild it the next time I start WL? Thanks in advance.

I must say I have no clue.
You can try erasing your settings
\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 12\Preferences
\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 11\Presets\Audio Connections\

But I doubt this can make a difference.

I will try it and report back. Right now I am transferring 22 cassette tapes for a client so as soon as I get that done I will try it. Thanks, as always, for the help.