Is it worth it?

I’ve been using fl studio mobile, but have been considering cubasis 3 after learning about it because i enjoyed cubase elements 7, years ago. Is it worth the money? Can i load beats purchased into tracks and record to them? Lastly, i have a m audio solo interface, will cubasis be compatible?

Hey… Cubasis is a total different workflow then FL mobile
The guy who build FL Mobile V1 (and Music Studio) is on the Cubasis team so quality-wise they are in the same range.

You can load in samples and/or make your own instruments (tho it doesnt support mp3 so they must be in wav format), if that is what you’re asking.

Cubasis has a demo version so try it out for yourself

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You might take a look at our “Getting started with Cubasis” tutorial to learn more about the Cubasis workflow…

Here you can have a look at the available features in Cubasis:

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