Is it worth to upgrade from i7 6950x to i9 9900k CPU?


I just bought apollo x6 and it seems as it won’t work with my current system: i7 6950x with 10 cores running stable overclocked at 4.3 ghz with 64gb ram and x99 asrock mobo

Is it worth to upgrade to i9 9900k with 8 cores (planning to overclock it to 5ghz) with a gigabyte z390 designare mobo that supports thunderbolt 3? - approx. $1200


Should I invest more and get the i9 9960x with 16 cores (planning to overclock it to 4.5ghz) with ausu x99 prime mobo that support thunderbolt? - approx. $2200

I am running very large hybrid orchestral sessions with a ton of plugins and synths (10 omnispheres, 10 divas, 2 avengers, 20 serums). I am getting all the sample library stuff coming from slave PC running VE PRO 6 (about 2000 instruments)

So yeah, would I benefit more from higher clock speeds with 9900k or with double cores count but lower clock speeds with 9960x?
Money isn’t a problem



Wrong Forum.

My opinion… Clock speed will always trump everything else! The faster the cycle, the faster things get done in real time!

And yea, you may get more of a debate in the “Computer/Studio” forum!