Is it worth upgrading to Dorico Elements?

Hello everybody,

I’m just wondering whether the switch from Dorico SE to Dorico Elements is really worth it. If I look at the comparison table on the Steinberg website, the Elements version contains more Players, More Templates, Soundrion Olympuse Choir Micro.
Isn’t the difference really bigger? Well worth the upgrade. I am very interested in it.

thank you for your help
Greetings Detgyver

I think the essential difference between SE and Elements is the increase in number of players. If that’s useful to you, then only you can say whether you think it’s worth the price.
Obviously, Pro is much more expensive, and has none of the limitations, and has lots more features. If you have Finale or Sibelius, there is a very good cross-grade price at the moment.

Thanks for the Answers. 70% of my documents contain only two Players (Guitar/Bass) the rest is “Bass only” so an Upgrade is currently not realy worth while to me. But I don’t want to rule it out completely :slight_smile: