Is jbridge still better than VST Bridge for x64 plugs?

Been on jbridge for about 4yrs now and very happy…minus the occasional hiccup.

Like right now, some UAD1 plugs from older projects just started acting up. I’m getting error msgs and the work-arounds I’m finding online aren’t working off-the-bat.

Wondering if I can just delete the .jbridge files and use C8’s VST Bridge finally [emoji16]

Still differs, depends alot on the individual plugin. On average it feels like jbridge still works better to me. The 32/64 bridge ain’t exactly one of Cubases strong points, mildly put.

Also depends a bit on which version of jbridge you’re using. There seems to be notable differences between different versions. I got it working well for some plugins with v1.72. But v1.3 worked much better for me than 1.5. So there are variations there too.

Haven’t gotten to a finer mesh map than that myself, so far. If you work with a 32-plugin for just a small while, you will know if it works decently enough in Cubase, or if you have to try and jbridge it. If a 32-plugin works noticably bad, then jbridging will still almost certainly make it work better, though still not ‘as it should be’.

To give it its best chances though, remember to run jbridge in admin mode when you’re making the bridge file. And also run Cubase in admin mode. If not, you’re not giving the bridging process its full capacity.

In the jbridge settings (the button, at the bottom of each plugin frame), also remember to check “Prevent main host control …” and uncheck “Use legacy integrated mode” when using Cubase. Also uncheck the VST -> Plugins -> Plugin editors “Always on Top” in Cubase preferences. These can mess things up pretty good otherwise.