is keyboard-navigating in MixConsole actually working properly?

When I navigate through my MixConsole by means of my (laptop-)keyboard, I experience some difficulties:

  • Sometimes, after I’ve expanded the Inserts-rack, the keyboard-focus is lost and I cannot use my up/down-keys anymore to move to the next/previous insert slot…instead: the entire-Rack window is moved up and down, so Nuendo has turned my up/down-keys into a window-slider? Pressing tab a couple of times, in order to re-focus on the Racks-window again, returns Nuendo’s keyboard-focus onto “navigating through the MixConsole” back again.
  • My “⮐”-key works properly as an “expand/collapse-rack”-command. It opens my Insert slots also properly and I can use “esc” to close these Plugin-windows again. It also works perfect on Sends and on the ChannelStrip. “⮐” opens the associated slot, “alt+⮐” gives me the destination- or options-list and “command+⮐” switches the slot on or off. But; on the EQ-rack none of these key-strokes work. The 4 EQbands won’t switch on or off, they won’t let me choose their filter-types and nothing else works except for opening, filling, and closing the parameters-value-fields…
  • When keyboard-navigating through the Pre-rack, pressing the “up” and “down” keys doesn’t navigate up and down through the HiCut, LowCut, Gain and Phase-slots, but DIAGONAL :open_mouth:. So when I’m on the HiCut-slot of Channel 1, and I press the “down”-key, Nuendo selects the LowCut-slot of Channel 2, and when I press the “down”-key again, Nuendo selects the Gain-slot of Channel 3! Is this a feature? Or is this another programming-disarray?

I wonder if I’m the only one experiencing these issues?
If anyone could take a couple of minutes to share their experience with keyboard-navigating through Nuendo’s MixConsole I would be very pleased.
Thanks, Niek/ Amsterdam.

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I just mustered up enough energy to search this myself and I have the same problem. I’m almost sure it used to work as expected a long time ago. Maybe nobody has looked at the code since then and now it’s time for an update?

maybe a solid repro would be helpful.