Is Mackie control ok on 9?

As I know that on every new version of Cubase we have to wait for an update for Mackie control to work fine, has anyone tried it?

Works fine here with a Tascam 2400, just like 8.5 or 7.5. W10 x64

If you are using Komplete Kontrol hence the Mackie I just did the upgrade and it automatically applied all the settings. The only difference I notice in the device manager is that Mackie Control is not showing. All midi in and outs are ticked and it works perfectly.

Whoops of course opening an 8.5 project would be fine. Opening new project in 9 need to reconfigure mackie control. Will let you know how it goes later on.

I can confirm Mackie Control with Komplete Kontrol works perfectly in Pro 9.

Thanks a lot, that’s nice.

My Behringer X-Touch using Mackie control seems to be working normally.

do you have the timcode readout working?

If you mean on the X-Touch, then yes. Make sure you have the latest firmware installed.

If you mean for something else, please specify.