Is MIDI export the same as the internal data?


I would like to do surround mixing on a DAW. My sound players are hosted in Vienna Ensemble, so if the MIDI export from Dorico saves everything from the internal data (notes, controllers, keyswitches), I should be able to load the separate tracks from the MIDI file into the DAW, and relink all the tracks to the Vienna Ensemble channels. I should get the same performance as I get from Dorico.

Is this the case? The MIDI file contains everything that Dorico generates on playback?


The MIDI file that Dorico exports is the same MIDI data that it produces for the VSTs. It includes all the expression mapping, such as keyswitches, CCs, etc.

If you’re using the same VSTs and patches, then it should be the same.

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Great! So, once the original score is done, it is very easy to do any derivative mix!