Is MIDI Quantize Broken?

When using the higher Quantize values, 32, 64 and sometimes maybe 16… It takes notes that are already Quantized, like downbeat 1, and shifts it to be off beat onto the first 32th?


it happens randomly… has to be some sort of PPQ error??


Does that mean you have already quantized them individually before applying 1/32 quantize? Or, those notes were recorded at position very close to the downbeat?

Just remember that quantizing is based on the original position of the MIDI events. Which allows you to try out different quantize values without destroying the original performance. Quantize by default is non-destructive.

i.e. if you recorded near that 1/32th but quantized to 1/8 it would snap to the downbeat, but as you reduce the quantize value it will return closer to the original position once the threshold has been met.

If you “Reset Quantize” on those items, it will show you their original positions and perhaps will make more sense if you see it in that state.

FYI if you want to apply the quantize to the underlying MIDI events you there is a “freeze” function. So you do that first, then perform the second quantize as usual.

I’d take a guess that’s what is happening.

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This is a real bug that has previously been discussed on another topic.
This has nothing to do with Freeze Quantize because if you modify the notes height or length it will fix the issue.

And even more surprising is that you don’t even have to actually make real changes.
Let me explain : if you select the problematic notes, just grab them and while you keep holding the click, just make them visually snap to another place on the grid but release them back to their original location, without doing any real modification. The quantize issue will then be gone.
Mind-blowing, huh ?

Strange behavior for me if this intended, it’s not what I expected from neither the musical nor technical part of my mind.

It’s not what I expected musically or compositionally because a downbeat is a obviously a division of 16, 32, 64th and thus would not need to be quantized if already quantized.

And then from technical workflow aspect, I had already quantized the 1/4 downbeats using 1/4 grid, and then just wanted to do everything else to a 32nd grid without having to select.

If I want to try different quantize settings, I would rather use my edit-undo button, or use ‘Reset Quantize’. This is more in line with how other program like melodyne work I think?

The other issue with this is, it’s a non-visible difference. You never really know what you’re going to get… Am I going to remember how note 1037 was made three days from now?

Just my opinion but it doesn’t make sense to me

Well, the behaviour would only act as I wrote ‘IF’ the live performance was closer to the first 1/32 division than the downbeat, as you reduce the quantise values it would snap to the nearest division of course - because it’s processing based on the underlying MIDI events, not the previous quantise.

If the original MIDI note is bang on the downbeat then the behaviour is wrong. But, it’s not clear what the original MIDI data is in your example, so that was my best guess as to what is occuring.

Still this could be a bug, since on the other topic the OP never mentioned that the notes were already quantized.

Your explanation makes sense,

the protocol if designed this way doesn’t in my humble opinion.