Is midi recording non-destructive?

Hi Y’all

Is midi recording non-destructive? :confused:

Audio recording, so I believe, is completely non-destructive in Cubase: so anything you deleted in the track editor will still be in the pool…am I right??

Is their a similar pool for midi performance recordings?

Or do deleted midi recordings die forever?!


Aloha P,
In all my years of using Cubase I have not seen non-destructive MIDI.

1-Not nearly the same as non-destruct but there is a feature called:
‘Retrospect Recording’ where you can get back a short period of time of MIDI played into Cubase while not recording.
Not sure if it works while recording but probably not.
Check page 128 in the manual.

_Retrospective Record
This feature allows you to capture any MIDI notes you play in Stop mode or during playback and turn them into a MIDI part “after the fact”. This is possible due to the fact that Cubase can capture MIDI input in buffer memory, even when not recording.
Proceed as follows:

  1. Enable the “Retrospective Record”option in the Preferences dialog (Record–MIDI page).
    This activates the buffering of MIDI input, making Retrospective Record possible.
  2. Make sure a MIDI track is record-enabled.
  3. When you have played some MIDI material you want to capture (eitherinStop mode or during playback), select Retrospective Record from the Transport menu (or use the key command, by default [Shift]-Num_[*]).

2-Using ‘Reset Quantize’ you can take a MIDI note(s) back to it’s original recorded quantize position.

3-Perhaps the Cubase ‘Auto Save’ feature could work in your favor in this regard.

Other than those examples, I don’t know of a way to retrieve previously recorded MIDI data.

Perhaps someone else could chime in on this.

Good Luck.


I can only add the following to Curteye’s post:
There is no pool for midi recordings.

Yes, a deleted midi recording dies forever unless you undo right away. One way to keep your original recording is to duplicate your midi track, mute it, and edit the duplicate.

Good luck.

… and Backup often! :wink:

upshot: keep retrospective recording turned “on” is the best solution, and back up always

thanks for your replies everyone