Is MIDI timing rock solid?

Hi there,

Is the MIDI timing rock solid on Cubase?

1 Open sampler / kontakt ( instrument channel )
2 Load a drumsound - and create some notes - loop the region for playback
3 duplicate instrument
4 Create midi track
5 pull duplicated instrument midi notes to the midi track
6 set midi track output to loopbe ( internal midi 1 )
7 set duplicated ( sampler ) instrument midi in as loopbe ( internal midi 1 )

8 press play

Now if the timing is solid you should hear the same drumsound played with higher volume
Inverting the phase should result in silence

my system gives a swing resulting in delayed - and when time corrected, phased - sound

How could i fix the midi timing?

you made me curious : )

Midi is not sample accurate!
That’s just how it is.

No, when midi is solid ( like earlier versions ) then midi timing is ( nearly ) 99.5% sample accurate ( depending on your Quantize grid )

Maybe slight phasing, but not delayed phasing

Well it’s better then my own timing :wink:

I have done some tests in the past (not in C9) and found it to be pretty much 100% accurate. i.e. two copies of the same VSTi playing the same MIDI part would null perfectly. This may not apply with some VSTi’s but from memory, I used Sylenth and the timing was perfect.

You might want to try a test that does not involve looping/cycling as this can complicate things and give some timing errors at the loop point.