is moving user presets between machines possible?

i purchased Halion because i have an extensive library of the now defunct Gigastudio samples and Halion is able to import them.

i am a composer for theatre. i have a studio (Windows 7 64bit) machine and i often take a project i am working on with me to the theatre on my MacBook Pro (Yosemite).

is there a way to take the user created presets (Gigastudio converted samples) from one machine to the other. so far i have not found a reliable way to do this. when i open a project using Gigastudio converted from my studio computer with my Mac (or vice versa) i invariably get a missing samples warning.

if anyone has a fairly easy way to do this i would greatly appreciate your sharing it with me.

thank you!

Late answer but anyway. Yes you can interchange presets, but you need to export them as vstsounds. Vstsounds contain the samples that are needed for a preset.
Read the Halion 5 manual for the exact procedure.

If your presets are not tagged when making them, you can use the browser within Halion to load them on the other machine.

kind regards,