Is my dongle okay for re-sell?

Hello everyone!

I wanted to know if my e-licenser looks alright to be sold to another person. I thought I removed my license from the dongle itself but today I saw it was still on it. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to add images or links to my post. It basically shows my USB e-licenser with its serial number and under licenses it says:

  • All applications (Steinberg, Non-movable, remaining time: 25h)
  • Cubase Pro 10 (This “Full” license allows to use the product for an unlimited time period)

The thing is, I could have sworn that I managed to remove the license from e-licenser when I was preparing everything for re-sell. I might just be imagining things, but I just want to be sure that everything is okay when I re-sell my Cubase license and the buyer uses the dongle. Because even though the license still seems to be on my dongle, the Steinberg Download Assistant still gave me a prompt to activate it when I entered my Download Acces Code.

Thanks in advance!

If you need some backstory you can read it here:
About 2 years ago I bought Cubase Pro 10 after using demo, however as uni student the dongle life was not for me. Eventually I decided to put it up for resell and I thought I deleted my license from my e-licenser dongle so I could give the option for a “digital-only” purchase. I never went through with it because I was busy. But now I want to sell it and online I’ve read that you must sell it with the dongle, so I decided to setup everything again as if I was the user and then follow the re-sell wizard again just to make sure I didn’t do anything wrong.

When the Steinberg Download Assistant asked me if I wanted to activate my product license I proceeded but then I got a pop-up that it was already activated. So I opened up e-licenser and saw that my Cubase Pro 10 was already on my e-licenser. But as I said earlier, I could have sworn I actually managed to remove the license from the dongle.


You cannot remove a license from the USB-eLicenser. You can only move it to other USB-eLicnser.

Please, read thru the Resale Wizard for Steinberg Software.