Is my mixing and mastering any good?

Hi guys,

Just wanting some feed back on a mix I have done today. I am lucky enough to sound engineer and record a weekly gig, at a Funk, Jazz, Soul and Blues Bar in Leeds UK.

I record the direct outs of the desk via a alesis multi-mix fire-wire 16 as a multi-track into cubase, mix in cubase and edit / home master in wave-lab pro. I have a non acoustically treated room and use KRK Rocket 5 V3 monitors, an Sennheiser HD 25 - 1 II headphones to reference with.

I Stick to stock plug-ins while I am learning the art.

The Track is a cover of Herbie Hancock - bring down the birds.

Any feed back or comments is most welcome, I won’t take offence, I just want to develop my skills more.

There is a lossless 16bit 44.1kHz FLAC download option on the page above which was rendered directly out of wave-lab. I know the 128 mp3 of sound-cloud is not the best!


I admit I have just listened with my favourie phones on the laptop. What I heard feels very natural and nice with a good balance. Well done to my ears!

Hi Ben,

a great recording and a very good render of the performance.

You didn’t say who the band was. :confused: They played great.

It’s late at night here and I’m not listening on my main
monitors, but it sounds pretty good. Very clean.

I know it’s a 60s tune, but I’d like to hear a bit more

You did a great job.

Was the bass mic’d? DI? Or did you have to pick it up using other surrounding mics?

I ask because a big problem with KRK monitors, according to what I’ve been told by people who have used them, is that they emphasize the lower end, i.e. they were made for more EDM type material. If you tried to correct for that, it’s possible you went too far in the other direction.

Of course, if the bass wasn’t DI or mic’d then that would be the more logical explanation, Occam’s Razor and what-not.

The playing is amazing! And the mix is very good other than the non-existent bass. Thanks for sharing!

By the way, I thought this was a jazz take on Groove is in the Heart by Dee-lite. Hahaha

Woo thanks for the feed back guys, great to know I am somewhere close to the ball park with my work. Ill keep an eye on the bass, it was a recorded through a DI, I think I used Bass Amp to fatten it a little.

Apologies for a late reply

Thanks again