Is My Pedal Steel VST Loop set (purchased) really there?

Hi all,

Trying to figure out if my Pedal Steel loops got installed?

I downloaded and installed the Pedal Steel loops. I can see some pedal steel loops, but I hope it’s not what I just paid for, they’re audio clips with piano and some perc included. Not at all to my liking.

Everything looks OK as far as Download assistant and Activation Manager are concerned. The Pedal steel shows as installed and activated.

The pedal steel doesn’t show up in Halion under Instrument sets. Should it?

In Halion, I browse>VST Sound> Halion Content, & VST Sound> Other Content, and see no Pedal Steel.

The only thing that seems off is that Pedal Steel is the only purchase I do not see in eLicenser. When I try to enter the code, it says my elicenser version is too old, despite just installing the latest version.

Any thoughts?

OK, I finally found that Pedal Steel is installed.
My bad, should have got a VI, not a loop set. $40 wasted.
Maybe it’s just me, but most of them sound bad. The dry sound is very “roomy” and not in a good way.
Live n Learn