Is my reading of clipping indicator in channel settings correct?

Hello all,

I’m using Cubase Elements 9.5 and I’m examining a condenser mic recording that has a specific audible harsh bit. EQ spectrum visualizes values around 6db in 1k but VU meter on channel doesn’t show any clipping (please see the attachment). Is my reading of the channel setting screen correct please? Does the EQ spectrum really indicates the “clipping” in that area or did I misunderstand that? Can a recording then clip in a specific frequency but won’t cause that meter peak level go beyond 0db?

Many thanks

It’s likely not clipping you hear, but more so just some harsh frequencies. Do a EQ sweep and find the problematic frequencies and then deal with them.
What you hear as harsh frequencies is actually possible to be other frequencies than the ones you highlight on the screenshot.

@KHS thanks yeah you’re right, it can be harshness, but the question for me is what does that EQ spectrum shows when it goes above 0db exactly? If it’s clipping and the recorded signal has that then it can’t be “fixed” because it’s clipped or is such interpretation incorrect?

You’re messing with two different things here.

Clipping means the total level of signal exceeds 0 dbFS.

The spectrum just displays the distribution of frequencies/how much energy they have in certain ranges in a relative way. That zero line isn’t there as a limit, it’s just the centre where anything may be well above or below as long as it sounds good :wink:

Yeah - the line is there to indicate to you how much gain on a particular freq you’ve added or subtracted