Is my UR44 need service/repair? (Ergent pls)


I’m a blind musician, bought an UR44 yesterday. Now I have some questions about unit;

  1. Is it possible to disable/mute monitoring via monitors/speakers that insorted to back outputs? Hetphone is enough for me for monitoring.
  2. When I decrease microphone volume to 0, I can hear my microphone. an other example, when I using line on the front panel with disabling fantom power, I can hear sound comes from line cable as well.
  3. I insorting balanced line-in cables to the back panel and try to record music via my daw. If I can’t use microphone, everything works well. While I talk/record something with microphone, the sound that comes from line automatically decreasing until mute the microphone.
    P.S: The DSP windows application not accessible with screen readers, so I can’t check/change anything on there.

System/hardware details: Windows7-64bit, SteinBerg UR44, CakeWalk Sonar, Cubase8, MXL Condenser microphones.

Is anybody hear me? I need an ergent help…

Sorry cnkrc, I can’t help you at all with your issue I’m afraid.
But I just wanted to acknowledge your posting!
It’s awful being in an urgent situation and getting no response on a forum!
Good luck with finding a solution.
Sorry I can’t help.

I joined this forum a while ago, but I didn’t get any reply. I’m verry sorry about that. did I mistake to buying Steinberg soundcard?

HI there, I too cannot give you expert advice on this, I have a UR44 but have only spent a very short time with it so far. Are you having this issue when you are using just Cakewalk or also with Cubase? I asked a moderator here who has a UR44 to see if there is a better answer for you, hopefully that will help.

Best regards

Hi cnkrc,

Sorry you have received only one reply to your help request. Thanks to NorthWood MediaWorks for letting me know about your post.

As far as still hearing the input device when the gain knob is at zero, if it is a very low volume, this would not mean your device is broken.

I do not understand the question about plugging balance cables into the back of the UR44 - what are you plugging in there?

Finally, are you using Cubase for testing this? Cubase can display the DSP controls in the Mix Console via the Hardware Rack tab. Open a Mix Console, and in the toolbar click on “Racks”. In the menu that appears there should be an entry for “Hardware”. (I am doing this from memory since I do not have access to my UR44 at this moment)

Once you show that rack section, perhaps the screen reader will be able to read that.

Please let me know how you get on with this, I will subscribe to this thread. If you live in a country without direct Steinberg support, don’t worry, someone will help you out.

Hello I have Just bought a ur44 audio interface I loaded my disc and followed the steps as required for a new license holder but can not open my recorder to use my system when I try to open it the message say I have to license my system and when I try to it tells me my code has already been used to contact my soft ware provider can you please take the time to help me ? thank you so much and have a great day

Was it purchased new, in an unopened box?