Is my Yamaha AG06 faulty?

Ok, so this year i decided to try and start a little home recording. So In January started researching the best way by reading forums and watching youtube tutorials. I had to do it on a tight budget so i tried to make sure i gathered as much info as possible to make the right buying desisions. I wanted a mixer that i could record to a daw. The AG06 was recomended on many websites and forums. And yes, as a mixer it is quality and sounds great. But for recording I have yet to get a stable signal on playback/monitoring. Audio drops out every few minutes. So I started more research (felt that it was something I hadnt done correctly rather than a fault, after all this is a yamaha product!). Optimise my windows PC for audio, this is the issue, of course! how could i have expected it just to work straight from the box. silly! So i started a new journey of learning how to adjust all my settings in windows. No avail. Could it be that my old laptop isnt up to the challenge. more research. decided that i needed to upgrade the laptop. more research. more money. new laptop. recomended on many forums and websites. Guess what? still audio dropouts! have tried everything. I feel like either i have a faulty unit or (as i have been now led believe) steinberg drivers are not compatible with windows, to which end then I have been misold a device by what I thought to be a reputable company. I cannot, in good faith, blame the company that sold me the device as I was pursuaded to my purchase by yamaha/steinberg.
I do not expect to get a solution from this post. I just think that companies have a responsibilty to highlight potential issues to buyers (especially newbies). If real time audio is a problem for some operating systems they should not advertise their products as being compatible.
thoughts anyone??

Well… some users definitely have problems like you describe… and it must be frustrating. But, all we can do is try to assist you to improve your situation.

If that’s what you want then you will need to start describing settings etc (maybe screenshots). Basically provide whatever you think will help us help you.

For starters I suggest you create your forum signature to list your general computer, software & hardware info.

I hope we can help. :wink:

Regards. :sunglasses:

thanks for your kind offer of help.
this is everything I have tried so far:
power options set to maximum performance to prevent throttling.
(sleep & display settings to never turn off.
usb selective suspend setting. disabled
PCI express. link state power management. off
processor power management. min. 100%. max. 100%.
system cooling policy. active.)
basically everything set to max performance not optimize battery.
In device management: universal serial bus controllers. USB root hub. power management. unchecked box to allow computer to turn off this device to save power.
I have manually updated all drivers in device manager.
In performance options I have set processor scheduling to adjust for best performance of background services.
I have no anti virus installed. and ensure that windows defender settings are all off.
wireless networking adapter disabled.
speakers and audio devices apart from interface all disabled.
I have also tried all buffering settings up to max.

I am hoping that I have missed something. or is there a program i can run that would highlight a particular service or driver that may be affecting audio.

The drop outs are not pops and cracks but completely cut out for a split second also causing the levels on the mixer to drop.

My laptop. Acer Swift SF315-41
Processor: AMD ryzen 5 2500u with radeon vega mobile gfx. 2.00 ghz base clock up to 3.6 ghz turbo.
RAM 8gb. DDR4 2400.
64-bit operating system.
software: Reaper v5.962/x64.

other hardware. Korg Minilogue. Roland Hp503.Yamaha HS5 monitors.

Any help/advice would be most welcome.
Thanks and Kind Regards.