Is MySteinberg Down? (parts of)

I’m trying for about an hour to login into MySteinberg and just can’t… every time it says my password or email is wrong.

I thought my password was wrong so I reset it and “my account details” page is accessible, even the part where I can change my password, but If I tried to changed this page appears:

And If I try to see my products I just get kick out and get unlogged, if try to login, again can’t… :cry:

Works here ( I tried right now). Can you try using a different browser?

mmm weird… it works with IE ( :astonished: ) but I always enter from Chrome…

So just to share what I did (since I saw other of people with this problem is facebook) I deleted all cookies from and now all works now :smiley:

I’m using SRware Iron (Chromium).