Is Neo Soul Keys dead?

I see soulkeys in my products list, but I can find no way of downloading it. Have Steinberg given up on it?

It’s called Neo Soul Keys - I don’t see it in the SDA, but it is on the website.

Neo Soul Keys was made in cooperation with Gospel Musicians. I believe they simply weren’t interested in continuing development of the Halion version of the library. This was at a time when the Halion platform was a bit more limited and not as open to third party developers as it is today.

Vibrant and Amped Elektra are the current Electric Piano libraries being sold by Steinberg. Vibrant is the closest to being a direct alternative to Neo Soul Keys.

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Maybe, but I should be able to download a product I already own surely?

You couldn’t download it/use it?

You can of course, check the link posted by steve.

The old libraries sold by Steinberg can be found here, including ones that are no longer available for purchase:

Thank you all for your help. I now have Neo Soul Keys installed (and have saves the sueful link). Now, Anyone know how to install Pad Shop pro extensions? Not in the download manager as far as I can see, not in the link

The Padshop expansions should be available in the “VST Instruments & Plugins” section of the Steinberg Download Manager. If you can’t see them, try updating the Steinberg Download Manager manually.

I love Neo-Soul, and use it all the time. The least steiny could do is offer a upgrade price for vibrant.

Can anyone tell me how to move my Neo-Soul license so I can get rid of the dongle?

It is unclear whether Neo Soul Keys will ever migrate to Steinberg Licensing, seeing as it is discontinued. It is not currently on the list of software relying on Steinberg Licensing.

Neo Soul Keys is the last of my addons which requires the dongle. Steinberg, please migrate it to Steinberg Licensing. At least a statement would be appreciated.