Is non parallel use of AI6 possible

I am pretty new Cubase AI6 and Ci2 + user. All is running nice and well on my desktop (win 7), but, I am wonderin if it is possible to install eLicensed AI6 and Ci2 also on my laptop (win 7) and use that non parallel on two separate locations, on one or the other but not both at the same time. I am the only user. Would eLicence allow that?

You might ask why not install AI6 and Ci2 + only on portable laptop - well, there are practical reasons for less used desktop for most of the year and similarly practical reasons for laptop during summer months at the country side.

Answer appreciated.

Hello Rewot,

You can move your Cubase AI6 license from the internal Soft-eLicenser it currently resides on your Desktop to an external USB e-Licenser key. This will allow you to install the software AI6 on as many compatible computers as you would like but use this key plugged into your USB port to open the software. This key can be purchased on the store

or through any Steinberg reseller/dealer