Is now offline Bounce the same as real time?

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I know this is an old topic…But with the latest Version of Cubase 9.5, with the latest tech, is now Off line bounce the exactly the same as real time playback recording?

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I can’t understand why all the DAW software developers can never really declare absolutely no difference for this offline bounce V.S. real time thing … Maybe there’s a reason?

Really no one discusses that anymore, use offline bounce unless you have to do real-time (external FX, and Instruments)
Rendering is in theory more precise as there should be no buffer underruns, in real-time there could be glitches.
You can test it with a NULL test, but chances are that every bounce, offline or realtime will be slightly different than the one before. Modulation FX are often free running, so depending on when you hit mixdown the modulation could be up or down.

Thanks. Why every time bounce , no matter offline or real-time, there’s always slightly different than the one before?

Depending of what plugins you use, yes.
If it is pure audio tracks without any plugins, then it should be exactly the same.

I’m talking about VI only.

I’m talking about VI only.

Many virtual instruments are programmed to behave in a ‘free-running’ or random fashion on certain parameters. Oscillator tuning and phase come to mind, for example. An LFO can cycle continuously, without being influenced by note triggers. Distortion and overdrive simulations can be made to behave unpredictably. Each time you bounce the instruments the result can differ slightly from the previous one. Most simulators of analogue gear attempt to do that. It’s not a quirk - a lot of serious development goes into making virtual instruments and effects act this way, so that they can sound more interesting.

Indeed, so offline bounce is different from real time. The word here is “different”, but why so many people complain real time is “better” than offline bounce?


…very interesting. I was going to conduct an experiment on this myself …when I get the chance. Any thoughts from anyone?


Well realtime is different from realtime, if we are talking Null Test, but it is not like realtime sound better than offline.
If it does sound noticeably different there is something wrong with the system or the settings.

Indeed, so offline bounce is different from real time

No, the instruments should behave that way whether you bounce offline or not. Each bounce will be slightly different, but it has nothing to do with online or offline bouncing.