Is Nuendo 8 installation a nightmare?

At last, we have time to install our Nuendo 8! First, we run Nuendo8.1. It corrupted our Nuendo projects, so we fast go back to Nuendo 8.0. We begin to try the fonctions, and first the plugins (all last versions updated).

Here’s the result:

Working in Nuendo 7.1.40:
RX6.1 advanced
Audioease Altiverb
Audioease speakerphone

Working in Nuendo 8.0:
Audioease Altiverb

working in Nuendo 8.1:

not working in all versions:
Sonnox Dynamic Eq

All the plugins have a “!” in the status column.

I applied the workflow from the help center (Nuendo 8- direct offline processing- izotope RX connect).

When I press “apply” , nothing happened.

Last info: ALL these plugins work fine in PT 12!

So, we cannot use the Nuendo8 we buyed. Perhaps, we finaly surrender and work on PT :wink: :cry:
Please, help us!!!

There’s a maintenance update due next week. Let’s see if this will solve our issues.

Strange :confused: Sonnox Dynamic EQ working fine here on all versions of Nuendo (N7 and N8 under Windows 10 system with latest updates)

This sounds like a configuration issue, not a Nuendo bug. Check the VST plugin manager to make sure that the right VST 2 paths are set.

I should have mentioned I was referring to the VST3 version of the Sonnox Dynamic EQ plugin. I didn’t nstall the VST2 version. So perhaps try installing the VST3 version of the plugin, if you have not already done so.

“I should have mentioned I was referring to the VST3 version of the Sonnox Dynamic EQ plugin. I didn’t nstall the VST2 version. So perhaps try installing the VST3 version of the plugin, if you have not already done so.”

I confirm we installed the VST 3.6.7 version of Sonnox Dyn Eq.
All is OK in plugin manager
In Nuendo 8, it sends the message:"Can’t load protection component OS error 0x45a
Ilok version: 4.1 .0 2095 licence OK

Yes, but are you installing the VST2 or VST3 version of the plugin?

Sounds like you have an OS issue. Are you using Windows 7? If so I’d suggest upgrading to Windows 10.

Certainly not.

I don’t know.

I understand that. I was suggesting W10 as a possible solution to this particular problem. All I was suggesting here is that, even though Windows 7 is still officially supported, you may get better performance/compatibility with Nuendo and plugins under Windows 10. I have no proof of this except that this has been my own experience, when upgrading the OS from W7 to W10. This is not to say that you are not having an issue. Clearly, N8 should work correctly under Windows 7.

[EDIT]In my opinion, “Can’t load protection component OS error 0x45a” sounds like an iLok licensing issue with something missing in W7.

Check if the VST3 plugins are installed into the correct folder, and if that path is the same as showed in the Plugin Manager/Plugin information.
(There are many loctions possible but this one is the most common: c:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3
And if you have all the access rights to that folder, etc …

You are on a 64bit OS I hope …


All the VST3 files are here: c:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 and it match with the plugins manager informations. No problems of authorization except the VST files are on read only, but I think it’s normal.
And as I said before we are on a W7 pro 64bits

Is Nuendo 8 installation a nightmare? Compared to filing my tax returns? Nope. Compared to smoking a king sized blunt with my feet on the mixing desk? You betcha! :smiley:

I have a sincere and honest question. If people are successfully using the VST2 version of this plugin but the VST3 version has issues, why not uninstall the VST3 version and use the VST2 version instead? Seriously.

Why would anyone release a VST3 version with bugs that the VST2 version does not have over a decade after VST3 has been released?
Either there are some laaaazy devs out there or VST3 causes some serious PITA.
Anyway it’s annoying for the customers.

I understand your point. However, isn’t the real question effectively, “Do I want this to work right now today or not?”

Sounds like to me that Sonnox should get their VST3 bugs worked out and that might be more effectively addressed through Sonnox… But in the meantime if there is a working VST2 version I cannot imagine investing a lot of energy into this. It would be about 147 issues down the food chain for me.

I know this isn’t what you want to hear but on both my Mac systems running 10.12.x and our new Windows 10 systems, all the aforementioned plugins are installed and working as expected in Nuendo 8.1. You’re going to have to update Windows at some point, why not try one system and see how it goes?

For the record, on Win 7 Pro 64, all of my plugins work correctly as well. Though I don’t have Sonnox, I do have many, many plugins including everything from UA, Plugin Alliance, Vallhala, etc.,etc. and an untold number of “boutique” plugins plus the full array of virtual instruments in addition to Maschine, Kontrol, Euphonix Artist Series, FaderPort, 13 total PCI/PCIe cards (expansion chassis), multiple monitors including 4K, one touchscreen, RME MADI and…well, you get the point. All of this is on a single Win 7 system and super solid. So I find it to be very current and robust!

Win 10 (which I have on other systems) is fine until MS decides to push updates that may or may not break things, much like Apple these days. I am no luddite, but my Win 7 system has the reliability of a fine swiss watch and all works properly without any pushed OS updates.

Just had to give a shout-out to the old warhorse! And no offense intended to Win 10 lovers.

Hell’s yeah!