Is Padshop 2 a standalone instrument that I have to buy if I own C11?

I was looking at Padshop 2 sound sample updates and I watched a video showing Padshop 2 as a standalone instrument. When did this happen? Also, where it seems I have to spend $30 for the standalone version, I see that Padshop Pro is listed as an instrument to update from also… But I paid for Padshop Pro years ago and now it’s included included with C11 (which I also own) so why don’t the ppl who paid for Padshop Pro get a discount on the standalone vs. the C11 Padshop2 owners?

Sorry, many questions…

Padshop version 1 was originally bound to Cubase and there was a paid extension called Padshop Pro which was sold separately and it enabled using this VSTi in other DAWs, too. With the release of Cubase 10.5, Padshop was upgraded to version 2 and the Pro extension was abandoned. Since then, Padshop 2 license is fully included in Cubase Pro and Artist. So, if you bought Cubase Pro/Artist, you can use Padshop 2 as a plugin also in other DAWs. Padshop Pro to Padshop 2 paid upgrade is now only useful for people who don’t own Cubase and bought Padshop Pro separately.

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Alright. Thanks for your input here. What I should have stressed is that many times I work with the standalone version of other VST instruments while working out lines and practice. This would include Halion Sonic SE and GA5 from Steinberg, but also iK media’s B-3X, Waves Electric88, Clavinet, Grand Rhapsody, Kontakt’s Alicia’s keys and Scarbee A-200, and UVI’s synths and keyboards, as well. ALL OF THESE STANDALONE CAPABLE VST INSTRUMENTS work in a DAW… What is so special about Padshop2 that a special standalone extension has to be purchased?

I’m almost sure that neither Padshop Pro, nor Padshop 2 works as a standalone application, even if you buy it separately. Someone, please, correct me if I am wrong.

But you can utilize, for instance, NanoHost when you need to use a VST plugin as a standalone app.