Is padshop available not padshop pro for 7.5

I don’t want padshop pro. Wasn’t padshop free?? Is it still available

Padshop comes free with Cubase.

And if you have that, then the upgrade to Padshop Pro is like ten dollars.

I don’t see it?? I have a disk that has the padshop pro demo that came with cubase. Don’t want to pay anymore

Padshop (basic) and Padshop Pro are both the same plugin. The difference is that the Pro functionality (and the darker visual appearance) is only available if you own a license for the Pro version.

If you own a license for Cubase 7.5 you also own Padshop (the basic version), see what you get.

Open the “Plug-in Information” window under the “Devices” menu, you can see all “VST Plug-ins” which should include Padshop. Here you can also see versions, paths and more of the plugins on your system, should that be of interest or help in the future. If you definitely cannot find the Padshop plugin in the list of all instruments available on your system, perhaps you’d want to reinstall Cubase 7.5 to make sure your installation is OK.

Correct me if I’m wrong but from what I saw on steinberg’s YouTube channel you can also drag samples into Padshop Pro and you get more sounds as well…

You are not wrong. That is part of the Pro features, but both ship as one. When you pay for Pro, and then have a Pro license, those things (along with other “exclusive features”) are enabled. No additional download is needed.