Is playback of single note crescendo/diminuendo supported?

Hi there. I want some dynamics on long notes for wind instruments, but I can’t hear them in the playback.
Can I fix it or it’s not supported?

I’m afraid it’s not supported by the built-in MicroSonic sampler, which is sadly incredibly basic. If you have a more functional third-party sound source available, you can choose an appropriate expression map via the Endpoint Setup dialog to achieve playback of dynamics on sustained notes.

Thank you for the reply. Can you name some third party options to use?

If you have no other sampled instruments I highly suggest you start with Noteperformer. You can read many threads on it in this forum. It has the best, most thorough integration with Dorico for a modest price. The instrument sound output for the current version, Noteperformer 3, is not as good as more expensive sampled instrument libraries, but it’s a great starting point, and will prove useful even after you might later decide to upgrade your libraries. Upgraded libraries will not have as thorough an out-of-the-box integration with most all Dorico markings.

@DaddyO I think you missed that it’s for iPad.
Did that myself several times.



I don’t have any personal experience with it, but iSymphonic Orchestra has been mentioned before by other forum members:

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I whiffed on that one, for sure. Thanks!