is presonus Cooler than Steinberg ?

since studio one 3 came out i entered their facebook page, i see there lot more action then steinberg’s page !!
lot of users participating and presonus responses,
also cool podcasts of musicians using S1…
maybe S1 is the next Daw for the new generation ?
looks like steinberg should do some “cool” moves to be “in” !!
also nice controllers and sound cards from presonus… lot of them !!



No disrespect intended, but surely making some tunes with either platform is more important than which company is cooler… Are you ignoring your DAW for the sake of forum-ing?

I think the guys in Hamburg are probably having a chuckle (if they ever read this stuff), and a bier :sunglasses:

well… maybe i didnt choose the right terminology “cool”
but by cool i mean they interact with their customers better on social media (not forums, dont have an idea)
after all i personally don’t care about “coolness”, but in our world it’s a point of marketing, especially for young beginners, here they might decide and consider Daw or other products by how “Cool” and “in” it is among the users…

and i want and need my “daw” of choice to be profitable so they continue to develop it (im talking 10 years from now)…
also admittedly a lot of us do get connected to our gear,and Daws…(not sexually :smiley: ) so we want it to be the best to our needs and also popular…

now im going to open a cold german beer to complete this hot sunny afternoon :wink:

Screw Presonus and Steinberg.

Slate Digital is real cool. Have you ever seen the vids? Knufff Said!