Is Protected services 32 causing CB to hang when opened? Never clears

Title changed, as this has nothing to do with Hub, as thats turned off.

Every time i launch CB 11 Pro for the first time, it hangs on the Hub, as in the photo. Never connects, and CB is totally unresponsive. I have to force quit it, there is nothing else i can do.
When i re launch it the issue has gone away and all loads fine. Nothing else changed etc.
This is every time. I’m going to disable the Hub and hope the issue goes away, but its yet another feature I’m having to disable to use CB.
Unless anyone knows what the issue is of course.
To be clear, my network, firewall etc are all working fine and as expected, as on the second launch everything works as expected.
Windows 10 64bit, all driver etc up to date.


Me having the same problems and even more (frozen cubase 9.x process )
Just disabled it since 9.x version :grin:
Btw. check your task manager if there are some halted Cubase processes there

kind regards

Cheers. Ive disabled it for now. Ill see what happens tomorrow,
I had to go to take manager to close it. There was nothing else other than Cubase in the list of not responding,

No go. Did it again today, with the Hub disabled.
Nothing in TM other than CB not responding.

I’m wondering now if its to do with the licensing software, as ive just seen Protected server 32 is also in the list in the Cubase not responding area. Force quitting and restoring always fixes this, and this process in not in TM.
If it is this then I’m shocked, as decades back I had to use pirate copies of CB (i had paid for the legit version) just to get around this issue.

You have the latest version of eLicenser Control Center don’t you?
Try to turn fly mode on, is it hangs anyway?
( in order to avoid network related issues)

kind regards

Yes, latest version. Whats ‘fly mode’? Do you mean go off line? Ill give that a go.
The thing is it loads fine the second time. I’m not saying it is causing the hang, just wondering if it is.

Yes, try to go offline
strange issue tho…
Do you run Cubase with administrator privileges ?

kind regards

Ill give it a go. I dont think i have run it as Admin, ive not had need to, but i can give that a try as well.
Ive also taken Cubase and eLicencer out of the AV list as well.
If it didnt run at all I’d have more chance of tracking this down, but as it runs fine the second time I’m at a loss.

Ive got an interesting find.
As reported, if CB hasn’t been open for a while, or my PC has rebooted etc, the first time i open CB it freezes. At the moment I’m not using the Hub, so i get to the menu bar/screen and thats it. Nothing else works and i cant click on anything.
I just noticed if I double click on the menu bar, my desktop goes black, which i assume is Cubase Desktop. Now the program works as expect, without me needing to force quit.
Ill try a few more times, but its worked twice today.

The above post isnt a solution, it must have been something different. Still freezing on first boot under certain circumstances. .