Is resetting Key Commands a necessary evil with Dorico?

Lately, and out of the blue, when I pressed ‘space’ on my laptop, it triggered the ‘chord’ symbol instead of starting and stopping Dorico. I tried to fix this malady in the Key Commands preferences, but it didn’t work. Ultimately, I had to reset the key commands.
It works fine now, but I wonder - has anyone else faced this issue? I’m quite sure I didn’t do anything to confuse the Key Editor, unless I did and I’m not aware of it.

Maybe have a look in Preferences /Keyboard language

Never happened to me, and I’ve used every version since 1.0.

Nope. Not seen anything like that.

Perhaps upload the old key commands file here, for someone to take a look at?

Thanks, guys. I found the issue and fixed it. I’d installed an anti-keylogger app, GhostPress, which obfuscates key presses. Yes, it was playing havoc with Dorico. Silly me.