Is REVelance a true stereo plugin?

So my favorite true stereo algorithmic reverb is Valhalla Room, but for the past couple of years now I’ve been moving towards trying to learn and make the most of whatever comes stock with my DAW. Anyone know if REVelation is true stereo?

define “true” stereo.

We’ll find out soon enough…

I’m just curious what a “true stereo” algo reverb is as opposed to a “pretend stereo” algo reverb. How does it know? Can it then not be used on a mono source as there is no 2nd channel of “true” audio?

In a nutshell, each channel (L & R) is in stereo as opposed to mono left and mono right. REVerence is true stereo (when using quad IRs).

This seems to be the popular link everyone points to (even though it’s for convolution, the same principle applies for algorithmic):

Another link (from someone who knows a thing or two about reverbs :wink:) for how it fits with algo reverbs:

I suggest you read them … then you’ll know why I bring it up.

Apologies. :frowning: Didn’t mean to annoy you.

lol, not annoyed … more tickled than annoyed. If you realized what you asked for, then you would understand why, from a technical standpoint, it is funny.


Read that sentence carefully …

Double EDIT: And, I’m not trying to be a jerk… I fail at that sometimes … but I’m not trying :smiley: I’m seriously trying to get you to think about stuff before you post. We have a hundred FRs a week for stuff that either makes no sense, or the system already does. But, hopefully my coming acrss as condescending won’t deter you from posting.

Anyone know if REVelation is true stereo?

Probably not.

If you’d like to hear what REVelation sounds like, open your copy of HalionSonic SE and add the built-in Reverb effect.
It would appear that with the exception of the metered GUI and two additional modulation controls, Steinberg leveraged the HSSE effect into a VST effect.

And as far as I can tell, it isn’t “true stereo”. Mono/Stereo inputs are summed to the reverb block where a “stereo” reverb field is generated. It does not have the “true stereo” pathways available in (for instance) Liquidsonic’s “Reverberate”. Compare the controls:

Is this true Steinberg, did you just re-purpose something and charge for it?

exactly !


The Liquidsonics reverb with Bricasti M7 quad responses loaded is sweet beyond words.

Is this true Steinberg, did you just re-purpose something and charge for it?

Considering the unit was previously available strictly within the confines of HSSE, this could be considered a plus in that it will now be available as a send/return or insert throughout the program. They did spruce it up and add a modulation LFO…something not available in HSSE.

Re-purposing is not necessarily a bad thing. It certainly isn’t the first time we’ve seen this strategy. Take Mystic, Prologue and Spector. Once upon a time, they were all components of a single plug-in Steinberg marketed as “D’Cota”.

Perhaps it’s the concept of marketing the unit as somehow “new”, that one might take issue with.

Me? I was simply watching their promo video and thought: hmmmm…that featureset looks awfully familiar…so I took a screen snap.

But to stay on topic…no, I’m certain this isn’t a true stereo reverb. And it isn’t an impulse unit either.

+1 Valhalla. I’m a big VR fan too.

I wouldn’t expect, however, REVelation to replace VR. It’s pretty tough to one-up guys who specialize in one particular area of expertise. (No comparing REVerence to Altiverb, for example)

But it does sound like a good addition to the DAW package. Probably will be good enough for most users. Just once you’ve had a taste of the very best, it’s hard to settle for anything less. (And for $50 and no dongle, VR is certainly worthy of keeping around in your kit!)

He wants to take left channel independent from right channel and apply verb to each without any summing… I THINK!
Considering REVerence cannot accept stereo IR, this is unfortunate way of thinking on their part.

And while we’re repurposing, what about the Padshop reverb? Or does that already exist somewhere and I don’t know it?

You can’t compare a convolution verb that can use independent channel responses to a algo reverb that generates a response field based on an audio signal. There are a thousand ways to produce field responses to both stereo and mono sources into a stereo field algorithmically. None of which are “true stereo”.

What I always find most funny about the “true stereo” argument is the first thing people do with a true stereo impulse setup in a convolution verb is re-position and spread everything to immediately remove the “true stereo” aspect of the impulses.

I’m not comparing the function I’m just commenting on the implementation, related to other reverbs I use.

I did not know that it was the first thing people did, pan their algo channels. I don’t do that, so I cannot comment on that part.

Again, I’m not mad or anything. “True Stereo” algo verbs are a marketing term. What it really means is that you can in some way treat the L/R channel independently instead of summing.

I didn’t say “pan” an algo verb. I said, on the convolution verbs, there is an actual way to get close to a “true stereo” field using carefully created responses. However, in the first thing people do is ruin the phase cohesion of those responses.

In essence what I’m saying is that you probably don’t want “true stereo”, you most likely want independent channel control.

Geek speak aside, its down to your ears and your audience’s ears. Is it a re-packaged for profit solution, time will tell, perhaps. :open_mouth: