Is Scale Assistant always running / available in Cubase 11 - always coloring lower zone notes?

Whenever I record retrologue or another instrument from my midi keyboard the notes in the lower zone are always colored Red or Blue on the basis of the Cmajor Scale . Can you turn Scale assistant off so that it doesn’t do that ? I can select any scale and that will color red and blue the notes of the scale i selected also …but …is it the default behavior to have Scale Assistant always tracking your keyboard input and coloring the notes on the basis of the C Major scale unless you choose another scale ?

isn’t that Velocity coloring you’re seeing?

It could be since that is the default for Event coloring in the Key Editor. But since the OP is seeing only red and green which corresponds to a scale, most likely they have unknowingly set the Event Colors to be based on the Chord Track.

In any case in the upper right of the Key Editor is a drop-down menu that lets you choose how you want Events to be colored - based on Velocity, Chord Track, Channel, Voice, etc. If you don’t see the menu you might need to make it visible using the Gear Icon.

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I am using a retrologue Track - no chord Track in the project. The Lower Zone was set to Scale/Chords

I think it was a stupid question . But it appears:
Whenever you make an instrument Track and you create a part with the pencil and double click the part to open it in the lower zone .

Then by Default it opens to C MAJOR setting for the Scale assistant and only notes in the C Major Scale will appear to be Blue and in the scale - all notes outside the scale will be red. Then you simply select another scale from the editor scale: window if you want to .

I was also initially confused by the Bright blue coloring to the right of the Scale assistant button - the / slash with the downward triangle but have found that that coloring toggles on and off depending upon whether "Scale Note Guides’ is selected or not.

Thanks for your reply

P.S. Not sure what you meant about the “OP” [Operator ?] seeing red and Green … I only mentioned Red [out of scale ] and Blue [in scale] .

OP is common forum jargon that either means “Original Post” or “Original Poster” depending on context.

The green reference is my mistake - a green note indicates it is both in the Scale and in the current Chord.