Is sequel content in cubase?

Can anyone tell me if all of sequel content is included in cubase? I noticed there is a file in 8.5 dmg containing sequel midi files just wondered if all the other Sequel audio files where included.

If you look at the mediabay under VST sound you can see what content there is.

Just appears to be midi loops from Sequel. But I’ve not used Sequel and I dont know what content it’s got - might use cubase content.

Ive just check my media bay in 8.5 and I have a folder “Sequel Content” which contains the midi files but also a collection of audio loops which are there because I have sequel 2.The reason why Im asking is that Im doing a clean install and wondering if I need to include Sequel in the process to get the audio files included. Hope that makes sense lol

Yeah - I imagine you’ll have to install sequel 2 then as well.

yep sounds like it -many thanks for your input :slight_smile:

I can see / work with the sequel content that I bought from the steinberg webshop in Cubase. I do not own sequel, though.