Is snap not working in the Cubase Sample Editor?

The Cubase sample editor has a button to activate snapping.
The manual tells for it “Restricts horizontal movement and positioning to the specific positions”.

But i observed it to have no effect on the region marker movements in the editor. Also with start and end points. ( Cubase Elements 11.0.30 )
Snap to zero crossing seems to work though, therefore i assume it should work for the region markers. But the possibility to enable both snap buttons at the same time seeme contradicatory.
Snap does not work regardless if zero snapping is enabled or not.
Unclear if this is an issue or if the the snap refers to something else ( but i don’t know what it could be ).

Easily reproducible with any recording.

If i convert an audio event to an audio part, the snap works there for the selection as i would expect.
The concept behind audio parts i haven’t yet understood though.

“Audio parts are containers for audio events. If you want to treat several audio events as one unit in the Project window, you can convert them to a part.”

Fine, but snap should work for 1 single audio event, too ! ( glue seems to implicitly create a part instead of a single audio event ).
This seems simpler in Cubasis by the way, where no audio parts exist. These are likely useful for some usecases. Maybe i’ll get the point here later, but as a side note: the manual often seems to describe things not in the simplest possible way as if the usability has been improved in the software but the manual not yet updated to the new state.


The Left and Right Locators, same as the Independent Track Loop locators are Snapped, if the option is enabled in the Sample Editor.

Ok, but if it is more or less equal to the project snap button and locators i don’t get why it is a separate button ( does Cubase Elements have independent locators? i know of only 1 right, left which also mark the loop range )

The Cubasis Sample editor is interestingly superior here. There the selection is snapping ( unless the issue hits when it’s not and one has the restart the app )

Use case might be strange or “wrong”, but if one records some audio and the timing is somewhat ok, then snapping of the selection in the sample editor allows it to remove parts in the middle while keeping the bar structure intact.
Or changing the snap to e.g. 32th removing the 32th which was off-timing is simpler than without snapping. Yes destruktive, but fast and there is only one sample/event not 2.

This is very difficult without snapping ( sure one can manually align the selection with the bar lines but it is more difficult than with snapping ).
Alternatively one has to split the audio, but then there are 2 events not one.
Or one uses hitpoints. But then these are audio events anyway as i understand it.

Sure the destruktive edit in the
Sample edit has quickly limits but the sample edit becomes also quickly inconvenient if one can’t cut out the garbage without loosing the complete bar structure.

Maybe it is only my learning curve here and one should either do shorter records or make audio events right away and only edit them or make less errors when recording to need less editing.

Well this became lenghty now. Well.