Is Steinberg giving away free codes to some older software?

I recently came accorss this Steinberg page whilst looking for something else. It appeared to me that Steinberg were giving away free codes to some older software, however, when I tried to input them on my account they were not recognised. Does anyone know what this is all about?



These licenses are available to be able to convert very old Chubase project format to the current one.

Please, read carefully what kind of codes are these and hour to work with them. They don’t look like common Activation Codes.

The installers for old Steinberg software also required a serial number (found in the box) for you to be able to install them at all. I believe this was done to reduce the load on tech support back then, but this became unnecessary with the introduction of MySteinberg.

These are NOT eLicenser activation codes. These codes are useless if you don’t actually have a license for the software.

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