Is steinberg now defunct or something?

Hi all,

A week ago I contacted steinberg customer support hoping for some fairly prompt support (my laptop was reformatted and for reasons beyond me my cube license disappeared from the dongle) so that I could get cubase back up and running…

Aside from an automated response, I’ve heard nothing. A week may not sound like a lot, but I need this software for work, and I’ve been given no indication of when they will deal with this.

Is steinberg no longer operating? Has anyone else heard from their customer support?

Kind regards,

Hi Chris

Welcome back.

Of course Steinberg is still operating, but I suspect you knew that ? :wink:

Is the dongle registered at MySteinberg ? - you can log in to check - what does it say there ?
Have you run the ‘maintenance’ on the dongle using eLCC ?
Are there other licences on the dongle ?
What version of cubase (number / pro / artist / elements / ai) ?
Can you apply for a demo licence to get you running in the short term ?

If you want to post here just to whinge - then of course be my guest - but Steinberg won’t bother reading it or care :slight_smile:

If you want us to help then let’s see what we can do.