is Steinberg's Vocoder still available ?

just opened a 10 year old project and it reminded me that cubase used to have a Vocoder,is it still available to download as 64 bit Vst ?
i had some harmonies going on with midi( keyboard) triggering on that old project, although i re-created the harmonies now with vari-audio cuz i dont have the vocoder, it was nice useful and quick to have some artificial vocal harmonies
if not available is there any free decent vocoder triggered by midi ?


If I’m right, you can get it here.

download it but cubase blacklist it ,cuz its a 32bit, thanks anyway.
not a must have for me,but would be nice to have it(and any other old steinberg plugin) with 64 bit for old projects compatibility


I was hoping, there is a 64bit version too. Sorry.

this is a free vocoder that you could try:

other vocoders that cost money are Vocalsynth 2 and then there is Waves Morphoder which is often on sale for $29

I guess even the best companies have abandonware.

It’d be nice if they updated some of the older stuff to 64 bit.

Some of the functions of a vocoder can be produced using the Pitch Correction plugin. See:

Also you can check this out. It’s great solution to use a vocoder in Cubase with any synth at no extra cost.