Is Steinberg's Wavelab worth buying/spending time to know?

As I see that a lot of people on this subreddit use Pro Tools, i don’t know which one to purchase and which one to spend time to get to know them. Anyone of you who has experience with them both and can suggest wich one is better? Thanks in advance.

Neither of the two is better than the other. So which one is more suitable for you depends on what you will be using it for. Wavelab is specialized in mastering tasks, precise audio file editing and batch processing of audio files.

Recording and mixing = Protools
Mastering and certain other workflows = Wavelab

I shied away from Wavelab for years, as it is not the same paradigm as most DAWs, and seemed hard to work out the best way to use it.
However, I now absolutely love it as my mastering app of choice. So powerful with lots of deep and customisable features.
I have to thank Justin P for his fabulous videos and generous sharing of presets and work flows.

Been with WL for 25 years. It is a GREAT mastering and restoration DAW. If that is what you are doing I would highly recommend it. If your are doing mostly mixing then maybe Protools is better for you. WL is NOT a good platform for mixing as it does not have a “mixer” as part of the DAW. I would also recommend that you look around at other DAWs like Samplitude which is what I use for “mixing”. FWIW